without any techie bits to faff on with!

We take care of all the techy set up bits, like your WordPress installation, hosting and security... so you can just get on and easily build a great looking site for you or your clients with our easy to use WordPress drag and drop system.


Easier than the popular page builders with all of the functionality of WordPress.
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It Works in 3 Easy Steps...

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When you have a paying client, we'll take care of all the techie bits, giving you a blank canvas to create your website.


Using the intuitive drag and drop system, you can create a WordPress website from the graphics up that looks amazing.

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Perfect for

1. SMALL BUSINESSES who want creative control, and don't want to fork out a small fortune

2. GRAPHIC DESIGNERS who want to add an extra income stream & build Worpress sites from the graphics up

3. MARKETING AGENCIES who want to bring web design services in house.

Why it's the Logical Choice

WP Quick Launch Diagram2


So you can get on with building a beautiful website!

WordPress installed properly on your hosting account

Responsive commercial theme installed

Intuitive Page Builder plugin installed

WordPress security plugin installed

SEO plugin installed

WordPress General Settings done for you

 Under Construction page set up ready for you to start

Main navigation menu set up

 Membership access to video tutorials

Google Analytics plugin installed

Come on, could you really be bothered spending the time learning how to do all this?

We both know you've got better things to do 😉

We've lost all our hair working this stuff out, so you can keep yours.


Remember, if you are creating websites for other people - this cost is absorbed!

Option 1 - £395 per website

WordPress Set-up + Advanced Training Videos

Option 2 - £895

All of Option One + 1:1 Training (you'll only have to purchase this training once)

OK... you so might not believe how easy it is? If so, watch this...

Amazing Training Included

With WP Quicklaunch you'll get membership access to a comprehensive video library showing you all you need to know about creating beautiful pages with the page builder and as an added bonus, we include videos on everything you need to know about WordPress.

There's also the option to get 1-1 training with a professional once you are ready, and have a paying client to absorb the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers to boot).

What does WP Quicklaunch do?
WP Quicklaunch gets your WordPress website set up the right way so you can get started designing pages and adding your content.
Where do I start with domain and hosting?
WP Quicklaunch works best with a new domain and website. We believe that the best solution for long term business resilience the business owner should have full ownership and control of their domain name and hosting account. They can then give login details of the account to their preferred partner. Once you or your client have signed up for domain and hosting just share that with us to get started. We recommend Siteground for domains and hosting. This service can be provided for an existing domain or website however there will be additional work involved in configuring set up. Web Hosting
Can my money be refunded?

Absolutely, but we doubt you'll ever want that. As a matter of fact, we're positive!

Can't I just do this all myself?

If you've got a lot of time you certainly can. What you can't do overnight is acquire the WordPress knowledge and 13 years of web design experience that goes into making sure everything is set up correctly from the start. WP Quicklaunch is here to give you peace of mind.

How do I create pages?
Using the Page Builder that you get with WP Quicklaunch - a 'front end editor' with simple to use drag and drop features making it easy to create layouts and beautiful pages. You can use the existing page templates as a starting point to design pages or build pages from scratch. Take a look at our short video.
How long does a subscription last?
Every time you use the set up service you qualify for 12 months access to our awesome 'How To' videos and resources so you have access for a full 12 months from the date you sign up to build a new website.
Do I have to renew each year?

No! We're building a community here and would love you to be part of that after the first year but you decide.

Who owns my website?

You do. We install everything on your own SiteGround hosting account, we specify SiteGround hosting as they have an amazing reputation for specialist WordPress hosting. Your account with them belongs to you - the domain, the files, everything!

What our customers are saying...


Heather Williams

"I have recently worked with Gerry’s WP Quicklaunch service for an event website. I can only say I am so impressed, WP Quicklaunch is fantastic. Gerry did all the technical side to the website to set it up, and I get full control over the content and layout of the site. 
For anyone wanting an easy to use, modern, SEO friendly website that is easily updated I would highly recommend Gerry’s WP Quicklaunch service


Andrew and Pete

"We absolutely love this, we aren't 'techie' people so this gives us a fantastic risk free way to make websites for our clients.

We get to be creative and produce wonderful looking websites with amazing functionality - without the hassle of doing the 'techie' bits. Fast and reliable. Give it a go!"

Claire Jenks

Claire Jenks

"Fantastic! A great way to be able to create professional looking websites for my clients without getting bogged down with code and hours of set up time, enabling me to keep control of the full project and deadlines.

Everything is well explained and the support is excellent. Definitely recommend to others to try it! Looking forward to creating many a website using this"

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