Affordable WordPress Setup and Support Service

When the time comes that you, your business or organisation need a new website it often takes on a sense of urgency, it can be at this stage that panic takes over!

Now! An Affordable WordPress Setup and Support Service

Where do you start? You’d like a WordPress website because you either have some knowledge of the system or maybe you’ve just heard that WordPress is the best solution. You tentatively look into it, it all seems a bit daunting and potentially expensive so you take a step back. You Google ‘website builders’ and end up going back and forward between different hosting companies websites and other solutions none of which seem to offer the solution you’d hoped for.
So, you go back to WordPress and start to get serious about this. You think OK, I’m going to need to invest some money and pay someone who knows what they’re doing to do this for me. Then you get costs in and realise that your budget isn’t going to get you where you want to be with these guys.
With a new purpose and determination you know what you’re going to do, do it yourself! After all there’s tons of free advice, courses both on and offline and all of the resources you could possibly need. You get organised and draw up your plan of action, domain name, hosting, WordPress installation, theme, plugins, SEO, security, back-ups, content. There’s a lot to go through, can you really do it yourself? The fact of the matter is that learning to do something yourself can be a long and weary road, the experts in any field ll have one thing in common. Lot’s of mistakes usually made over a lengthy period of years! Are you prepared to go through that minefield and can the success plan of your project afford to take that road?

What if there was a middle ground?

Affordable WordPress Setup and Support Service
What if there was a middle ground? Something in between doing it all yourself which is going to take up much more time than you have at your disposal and paying someone a fortune to do it for you? Tapping into the expertise of such a person without having to pay for  weeks of their time was before now too good to be true. This is exactly the dilemma that WP Quicklaunch will solve.
You’ll get all of the set up done for you. We’ll put years of experience learning exactly how to do things into your website right from the start so that you don’t need to learn all of that. You can relax knowing that you have the best hosting and that it’s configured the way it should be, you’ll have one of the best commercial WordPress themes on the market and you won’t need to subscribe to it either at the beginning or at renewal time. Likewise with plugins, you’ll get the important ones installed and configured for you.