Building a Business Website

Building a business website goes hand in hand with building a business in 2016. Given that an ever growing number of people are looking to follow their dream and build a business then it’s no surprise that a lot of those people are looking to WordPress to build their website. WordPress is after all the fastest growing platform for the job, the current recognition that having control of your own website and using content marketing to speak your to prospective customers is surely playing a part in that. WordPress is an awesome content marketing tool.

Not only are more people building their own website with WordPress, a huge number of businesses providing web design services are doing the same. The system is so user friendly and has such a wealth of information and resources available that many people feel confident enough to jump in and get started. This is of course empowering people and enabling business to get up and running with their own WordPress site. So far so good.

Building a Business Website That Works

What do I mean by ‘Building a Business Website That Works’? Not what you think maybe. I’m not thinking about a website that has a slinky image slider on the home page, I’m not even talking about a website that’s responsive so it looks great on all devices, or a website that comes up in a Google search.

No, what I have in mind is a website on which you can and do have all of the important bits behind the scenes set up properly in such a way that they can be and are updated as and when updates are available. A website that has a child theme activated to ensure trouble free updates that won’t break your site. Where security patches for plugins and WordPress core have all been applied making it much harder for malicious hackers to sabotage your website. Strong username and passwords and most importantly you have a security plugin installed so either you or your website manager know exactly how up to date and secure the site is at any given time.

It isn’t always easy to understand the importance of these things because to all intents and purposes your website can look and behave fine without any of this. The underlying problem however is that you’re living on borrowed time, your website will be prone to attacks and prone to breaking when an important update is eventually made.

Any WordPress website with a decent security plugin installed proves to be a real eye opener to the website admin, Wordfence will show you right there in your dashboard how many illicit login attempts have been made and the username that the attacker (yes your website is under attack) has used in attempts to get in. When and if your website is hacked you can expect malware to be installed that will wreak havoc on your site, even if nothing is obvious from the front of your site search engines such as Google are likely to recognise what has happened and will immediately blacklist your website with a warning that the site is infected and should not be visited.

I’d say building a business website that was in danger of being blacklisted by Google might not be such a good business move, would you agree?