Can You Get Customers With Content Marketing?

There’s a huge buzz around content marketing right now and the question arises Can You Get Customers With Content Marketing? Those of us who are trying to market our businesses or helping others to do the same are noticing this more than most however very few people are oblivious as to what is going on even though they do recognise that we search far more than ever on all kinds of devices in daily life in 2016.

Blogging remains an important way of connecting with buyers to build trust, the great thing about marketing in this way is that it’s not difficult or complicated. It takes a level of effort and commitment but really all you need to do is follow a few basic guidelines. And yes, you can get and keep customers by following the Marcus Sheridan ‘they ask we answer’ approach to gaining trust. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers – when writing ask yourself if you would  read this content above all of the other ‘stuff’ that’s out there? If you can crack that then you’re on to a winner!

SEO – The thought of search engine optimisation can be scary to many people but really we need to get over that. You do need to do some optimisation in order to give Google the clues needed to find your content but the fact is that you’ll most likely achieve this naturally if your content is relevant to those searching. Basic on page SEO is little more than framing your article with an appropriate title and then repeat the search term in the article in key areas throughout.

How to Get Customers With Content Marketing

The first place to do that is in your title, hence ‘Can You Get Customers With Content Marketing’, a title I’ve used on the basis that it’s relevant to searches  Come up with a list of relevant  blog titles and structure them accordingly. So for example when you write blog titles for your business think Google. Think about making it super easy for Google to rank your page above others, how do you do this? Easy, just think about your customers and the kind of questions they ask you. For sure, these are the questions that people will type into the Google search box. Make it plain to Google exactly what your article is about from the title and the content in the blog.

Can You Get Customers With Content Marketing

So, grab a coffee and let’s look at the five main subjects that you need to base your blog posts on as these are invariably what prospective customers are searching for answers to.

Cost/Price – Don’t be scared to talk about cost of your services. You can always add industry pricing or say the cost depends. You don’t need to post a price list on your website if you don’t want to.

Problems Be open and honest about what the problems could be and then explain how you address them for your clients.

Comparison – People will compare you to other alternatives, so why not be the one to write about this subject. The aim is that when people type these questions into Google then your blog post will come up.

Reviews – Don’t include yourself on this list! You are highlighting service providers in your area – but of course your well written article will be read by your ideal customers who are finding other providers on your site.

Best Of Similar to review blog posts – some people will ask Google ‘who are the best ….’ the area – so again we need to answer these questions and be the website that people find the answers on. People will be finding your competitors on Google wether you write about them or not. It makes sense to let them read about those competitors on your site. Once they are your site you’re in the driving seat and you can expect a call!

Can You Really Get Customers With Content Marketing?

Yes you can, if that marketing is genuine and helpful to your prospective customers and if the marketing is matched with a level of integrity to match your promise. As with any marketing you can’t disguise poor customer service no matter how much great content you produce.