Don’t Underestimate the Value of Customer Reviews

Marketing is vital at anytime during a businesses life cycle, never more so than the early stages. As early as possible you should be considering reviews in your marketing toolkit. According to research, five-star rated businesses earn 39 per cent more clicks from Google Local than those with one-star, and these star customer reviews generate higher click-through rates than organic search.

Don't Underestimate the Value of Customer Reviews

There are straightforward ways to begin building your following and gaining customer reviews and brand ambassadors through WordPress. Aim to gain fans and followers as soon as you go live. Decent online rankings and positive customer reviews drive more traffic, more consumer trust and ultimately more sales, proving word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool of them all!

Experience is everything

When you’re in contact with anyone through a screen and a keyboard, it can be easy to forget there’s a human on the receiving end of each and every interaction. I don’t need to tell you how important it is to deliver the best user experience possible. By treating your users how you’d want to be treated, you can’t go far wrong. Simple things like timely communications and a consistent service can help ensure your users remember you for the right reasons.

Each interaction also offers an opportunity. If you’re working hard to create a seamless experience for your site visitors, squeeze everything you can from the work you’ve already put in.

Social sharing

For example, use your thank you page after each purchase to ask your customers to tell others about their great experience with you on social media. The easier you make this, the more likely your customers will do it.

By adding easy to click social media buttons with built-in messages using one of the plugins I recommended in my recent post, your customers can spread the word on Facebook or Twitter in just a couple of clicks.

Go the extra mile

Use your visitor data to invest in your customer service. For example, send birthday and Christmas cards, or follow your customers on social media and share their content. They may repay the favour.

If you’re proactive and plan this type of activity into your business strategy, it could really pay off. Find out more about harvesting referrals from Tiana Wilson-Buys.

Ask for customer reviews and testimonials

It’s estimated that 70 per cent of consumers will leave a review if they’re asked to, and shy bairns get nowt! Think of how many markets have review sites, such as Glassdoor, TripAdvisor, Goodreads and Flixter. I certainly check these sites and will generally look for online reviews to help me make buying decisions.

As well as asking for reviews on sites wherever you have a business page or product listing, such as Google Business, Amazon, or Facebook, publish positive quotes and testimonials on your site. Even better, link these together using a plugin like Reviews Widget.

A word of warning

Don’t be tempted to police negative reviews. Your online presence should be 100 per cent authentic. Learn from your users to help you improve and act on the feedback. Be real. Consumers will appreciate you’re human and like everyone, sometimes we make mistakes.

Link for the long term

In an ideal world, you’d want every customer to become a repeat customer. One way to encourage a first-time user to return again and again is through great aftersales.

You can offer hints and tips via a regular email, or drop your users a line a few weeks or months after they’ve bought from you to offer a voucher or other incentive to encourage them to visit your site again.

With WPQuicklaunch you can build a site that gets you great reviews. Use the Quicklaunch platform to build a site that attracts brand ambassadors.