Google Search Success Stories

We would all like our our own brand, business, charity or blog to become one of the great Google search success stories and dominate results. In our recent articles we’ve looked into some techniques and tools that can help us to understand what we need to do on our website and how to do it. In this article I’d like to share with you some case studies – inspirational Google Search Success Stories that have made an impression on me.

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Is it Worth the Effort?

Mostly we recognise the need for consistency, the need to produce a growing amount of stand out content that’s going to help us to stand out from the crowd. But sometimes we wonder if it’s worth all of the hard work, the time, the effort.

Today I’m here to tell you that yes it is, and I’m going to prove it! I’m going to share with you three very different examples of people who have had huge success as a direct result of writing useful content consistently. Useful content as in, of true value to their audience. This is going to be so much fun because they’re three diverse characters from different countries, in completely unrelated fields of business. None of them were professional marketers at the outset. I’m going to introduce you to Simon Dolan, Kate McQuillan and Marcus Sheridan.

Google Search Success Stories Case Study 1. Simon Dolan – SJD Accountancy

Long before the term ‘Content Marketing’ was coined Simon Dolan had recognised the opportunity to turn the power of Google to his advantage by writing tons of content on his website. Information that directly addressed the questions being asked by his target audience of self employed IT contractors. Simon started his accountancy practice on his kitchen table in 1992 before building it into a national company. When his autobiography was recommended to me it was purely on the strength of it being a success story of someone who started with nothing and went on to write an account of his success (he sold his business for £100 million) in ‘How to Make Millions Without a Degree’.

For me however the standout message from the book came in chapter 10 ‘How to Market Your Business for Free’ where the author talks about how a major factor in his business success was Google organic search results.  As Simon put’s it, all you need to do is ‘…write stuff and make web pages’. They now have a bank of over 3000 web pages. Yes, you read that right, 3000!

The chapter describes how they were non-techies. They weren’t SEO experts in any respect yet soon realised that if they answered the questions that people were typing into Google and did a little bit of basic SEO on that they would appear in search results. The links would be clicked on and prompt enquiries. Simple! The website became the go to resource for information in their field, take a look and you’ll see page after page of helpful information on the SJD Accountancy website.

Google Search Success Stories Case Study 2. Marcus Sheridan – The Sales Lion

I came across Marcus being interviewed on a podcast about three years ago, he’s a genuine and enthusiastic guy who grabbed my interest straight away. I downloaded his ebook and subscribed to his podcast and learned so much about what the content of great website should strive to be.

As a result of the economic collapse of 2008 Marcus’s swimming pool company was on the brink of going out of business. In an attempt to turn things round he threw himself into what is commonly referred to as “Inbound and Content Marketing.” These efforts transformed the business and turned the River Pools website into what is today, the most visited swimming pool website in the world with over 500,000 visitors a month.

I was fortunate to attend The CMA conference in Edinburgh a couple of years ago where Marcus was the keynote speaker. The masterclass he delivered was amazing and I’d recommend anyone who has an interest in marketing to read his recently published book ‘They Ask – You Answer’ 

Google Search Success Stories Case Study 3. Kate McQuillan – Pet Sitters Ireland

At the same content marketing conference where Marcus was speaking I found myself sitting next to Kate, not realising who she was or the  success she was having with Pet Sitters Ireland. Kate did tell me that she had a pet sitting business in Ireland, so I imagined that she was maybe looking after the pets of a few friends and family in her own village. Little did I realise that the business employed almost 100 pet sitters throughout Ireland, amazingly Kate puts her success down to a decision to follow to the letter the Marcus Sheridan method of answering questions on her website.

From a small start in their local area, they now service pet owners all around Ireland. In late 2015 they expanded the business by allowing pet lovers like them to join their Franchise team at Pet Sitters IrelandThey get 10,000 visitors per month to their website, 70% of which come from the blog posts Kate writes on a weekly basis. They have over 21,000 Facebook Fans, which have come from the content they share, the way they engage with fans and the yearly competition.

Everything that Kate teaches she does herself on a daily basis to build traffic to the website and engage with ideal customers. Believe me, if you click the link below and read more about this and see the proof of concept in the form of Pawsome Media and you will be inspired and motivated to write more.

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