Make Money with WP Quicklaunch

Providing WordPress websites for your clients can be a standard upsell if you are already selling marketing services, after all there’s no greater marketing asset than a company website which opens up an opportunity for your business to Make Money with WP Quicklaunch.

As a marketing specialist you will have clients who potentially would like you to keep their websites up to date with fresh content, this represents an excellent opportunity to have a real impact on their successful marketing campaigns whilst generating ongoing revenue streams for you.


Gaining Trust and a Heightened Presence

Websites have been a must have for businesses for a long time now, that requirement has taken on a much greater significance in recent times as ‘Content Marketing’ or ‘Inbound Marketing’ have come to be seen as the most effective means of gaining trust and a heightened presence in the marketplace.

As an established marketing company you will have existing clients to whom you can offer a new service as an ‘upsell’, after all you probably already do some of this or have had enquiries about doing it.

You now have the advantage of using the WP Quicklaunch platform rather than a DIY website such as Wix or Moonfruit, or having to wrestle with user unfriendly WordPress themes so you can be much more creative with the improved functionality and flexibility.

You have an advantage over other web designers because you can create stunning graphics to make beautiful websites, with WPQ you really can let your creativity flow with minimal constraints.

The beauty of it is that setup costs are paid for by way of a deposit from your client, standard practice when building a website for a client. You can use this to purchase the standard WP Quicklaunch website set up.

The platform is ideal to be able to easily set up and sell landing pages to your client as an ongoing feature of your service.

The tech challenges of setting up and selling WordPress websites no longer need to be a barrier to your success.

Here’s the straightforward and solid process behind the concept.

  1. You refer your client to our recommended professional hosting company Siteground who provide amazing support (or you can have your own account with Siteground if you prefer)
  2. Send us the hosting account login details and we set the website up and give you access to WP Quicklaunch tutorial and support videos (You can also take advantage of our 1-2-1 training)
  3. We create a framework of 5 pages with easy to customise page templates (you can easily add more pages)
  4. You build an amazing website for your client!
  5. Once the website is live you can help your client with the basics of managing their website marketing content
  6. For more advanced ongoing WordPress tech support you can refer them to

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