A Look at Social Media Plugins

By Gerry King | Apr 25, 2017 |

Social media plugins help you integrate social media feeds into your site and get your content out, giving your customers an at a glance view. They make it quick and easy for users to share the stuff they like on your site in their own networks or follow you on yours. Social media is important for…

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Feed the Google Hound for Niche SEO Results

By Gerry King | Apr 19, 2017 |
Niche SEO Results

Of all of the business, marketing or ‘self help’ books I’ve read there’s one chapter in the book How to Make Millions Without a Degree by Simon Dolan that has that stuck with me more than any other. The story is a real world account of huge success achieved step by step. When you feed the…

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Does your website need incoming links?

By Gerry King | Apr 10, 2017 |
Does your website need incoming links

If you own a website you want people to see that website. Does your website need incoming links for that to happen? Yes, a linking strategy should definitely be part of your strategy. SEO can be complex enough and we’ll not over complicate it here but let’s face facts. Google search represents one of the…

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