How straightforward is¬†Setting up Google Analytics on Your WordPress Website I was asked today. The fact is that it isn’t difficult at all and can be thought of as a simple two step task. Firstly creating your account on Google Analytics and secondly linking that account to your WordPress website by way of a plugin.

In the image below we can see the Google Analytics interface on the Admin tab. To get to this stage you will need to login to Google Analytics with your Google username and password (if you don’t already have those just go ahead and setup a new Google account).

Once logged into Google Analytics you can then go on to setup your website URL i.e. (known as a Property) on the admin tab. When you’ve created the new website property you will be able to see your UA code on the property settings section.

Setting up Google Analytics on Your WordPress Website Part 1 Google Account

Google Analytics Admin Tab

You’ll then head over to your website and install the Monster Insights Google Analytics plugin. I choose to add the Google Analytics UA code manually (i.e. copy and paste) therefore opting not to use the Monster Insights WordPress dashboard option.

Once you’ve added the UA code your website will be linked to Google Analytics and a world of detailed visitor statistics will be at your finger tips.

Setting up Google Analytics on Your WordPress Website – For a complete walkthrough of the process watch the video here: