Step by step guide to your new website style options – easily work through your new WordPress website style options

You’ll need to decide how you want your new website to look. These are style and creative decisions that can and should be approached in a practical and step by step manner to set out the look and feel of your website so that it’s consistent with your brand.

You’ll want a professional appearance to your site that is consistent throughout the site, that’s not to say that your brand look and feel is going to be of a ‘professional’ serious nature. No, of course not. A dog grooming parlour is hopefully going to be instantly distinguishable from an accountants website, where they will share common ground however is having consistency across the whole website. There will be a theme to the style of the site, a bespoke customised theme that is unique to the business.

What will your theme be? Step by step guide to your new website style options

Layout – boxed layout or full width?

boxed website layout

Boxed Website Layout


full width website layout

Full Width Website Layout

Accent colours

From your existing or proposed brand choose your primary and secondary accent colours, they will be used to colour elements such as links and buttons as well as various elements in your theme. Reference – Hexadecimal Colors –


Font elements for your heading text: colour, size and font family. Choose here from Google fonts: Want a suggestion? Take a look at Roboto


Main body text, choose here from Google fonts

Header layout

The header is the top of your webpage where the main navigation menu sits. There are a lot of options here, your logo will also be positioned here.

Header layout options are:

  1. Navigation bottom of the header with the logo centered above it
  2. Navigation right with logo to left of it
  3. Navigatin left with logo right
  4. Navigation centered with the logo in the centre of the menu items
  5. Navigation on the left or right side of the pages in a vertical arrangement.  

Header logo

Depending on your navigation menu the logo will occupy a space of approximately 330px x 110px. This is a good thing to consider if you’re at the logo design stage, you can take into account the size of any text and how legible it will be at this size.

Navigation style

Font elements for your navigation text: colour, size and font family. Choose here from Google fonts:

Footer widgets style

The main website footer where typically contact details, social follow icons, latest posts list etc. This area can add a lot to the style of your page with some well chosen colours and content to complete the step by step guide to your new website style options.