How to use Google Trends for WordPress sites

You can use Google Trends to compare keyword searches conducted in England for your field of business and to compare your ranking keywords with alternatives. Google Trends is a powerful tool you can use to check how well your keywords are performing. It also helps you to spot patterns in search behaviour and discover more useful keywords. You can easily add these keywords to your content in WordPress. This makes your content more relevant, and because it more closely matches the topics people are actually interested in and the search terms they are using, your conversion rates should improve. For more information about keyword research check out my earlier article.

Use Google Trends to compare keyword searches

Go to Google Trends and enter any keyword you like in the box marked ‘Explore topics’ at the top of the page. This will bring up a page where you can enter up to five keywords to compare. For example, if you want to see whether more people are searching for ‘content marketing’ or ‘digital marketing’, type these words into the search term boxes. Below these boxes are four options for making the results more relevant to you:

  • Region: for example, ‘England’
  • Time period: for example, ‘Past hour’
  • Category: select the sector your clients work in
  • Search engine: e-commerce businesses should check ‘Google Shopping’, for example

The first graph displays how interest in the search terms has varied over time. The image below shows that over the past five years, there has been a growing interest digital and content marketing among UK businesses. You can also see that ‘digital marketing’ is far more popular than ‘content marketing’. However, you can also see regular dips in search volume for both terms:

Use Google Trends to compare keyword searches

Growing interest in digital marketing over the last 5 years

If you look at the dates of these dips, they coincide with Christmas every year. This suggests that Christmas probably isn’t the best time to push your online marketing services.

Use Google Trends to refresh your content with popular keywords

Below the two overview results images is a breakdown of data for individual terms. First, a map shows you where most people searched for a particular term. The darker the colour, the more popular the term. Next to the map is a list of ‘Related queries’. These are words that people searched for in addition to your selected term. A neat feature of this table is the option to view ‘Rising’ and ‘Top’ queries.

Top queries – These are the most popular search terms. Google Trends gives a score of 100 to the most commonly searched term, and compares the other terms to it.

Rising queries – These are keywords that are growing in popularity. The greater the percentage, the greater the growth in popularity. ‘Breakout’ queries are those with a dramatic increase, perhaps because they haven’t been searched for before.

Try it for yourself – tell me what happens!

I hope this article shows you how you can use Google Trends to compare keyword searches and write web content that matches current interests and search patterns. There is much more data to mine, so the best thing is to have a go yourself. Let me know which search terms you tried and what you found out in a comment below this post.

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