Where to Start With a New WordPress Website

A recent statistic showed that 74.6 million websites use WordPress, that figure is almost certainly out of date now as uptake continues to shoot upwards, each one will have had to consider the question of Where to Start With a New WordPress Website . The figure is a worldwide statistic however just take a look in your own backyard and it’s easy to see the evidence of the growing take up by small businesses, each one with different levels of expertise.

WordPress is this popular for many reasons! It’s a CMS (Content Management System) which does what it say’s it will do, it allows the user, business owner or individual to manage and publish content on their own website.

WordPress CMS – It’s a System!

So far so good. But can it really be that easy? Well actually no it can’t, take note of the ‘system’ bit! It’s a system and systems need to be learned to some degree and there are many ways of implementing and managing the system.

Thankfully it is possible for a someone who isn’t a coder or an expert to learn and use WordPress with superb results. That isn’t to say you should just dive in get started without making some effort researching into getting things right from the start, this really is crucial and if you don’t do it that lack of effort will come back to bite you. If you do your research on the other hand that can pay handsome dividends.

The Only Place to Start

Where would you start? The place where most potential new website owners start is with a domain name, we’ve all had the excitement of that new business idea and started the search for our world dominating domain name. There are many alternative ways to skin this cat but please don’t follow the common route of looking for the cheapest domain company and signing up with them, cheapest is rarely best and in this case there are plenty of great value but high quality hosting companies. Of course great value doesn’t necessarily equate with cheapest but do you really need or want the cheapest? Really? Go find an awesome hosting company first and foremost then register your domain with them. What makes for an awesome hosting company? Here are my main pre-requisites:

  • Hosting servers based in your country or at least your continent!
  • 24 hour support, preferably with ‘live-chat’ or telephone plus email support
  • A user friendly CPanel
  • Built in security
  • ‘Managed’ WordPress option
  • Great support!

Managed WordPress Hosting

What is managed WordPress? When it comes to hosting WordPress a great development over recent years has been the dawning of ‘specialist’ or ‘managed’ WordPress hosting services. Some may see this merely as opportunist cashing in on the aforementioned growing millions of WordPress users, the reality is that this is a much needed service that will prove invaluable to you bearing in mind the built in software updates, back-ups, security and support.

Where to Start With a New WordPress Website – Awesome Hosting!

Below you’ll find my top three, the SiteGround link is an affiliate link. They’re the only one of these that I actually host with which is why I’m confident enough to recommend them as my top tip, the others I’ve researched and checked out. There are many other great hosting companies out there.

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