Why Use a WordPress Page Builder

Why Use a WordPress Page Builder. One of the biggest obstacles faced when setting out on a new WordPress web design project is deciding which theme to use, so why would the question be relevant in this context? For many years I managed to simplify the decision making process by restricting myself to two or three tried and tested commercial theme providers such as WooThemes, Elegant Themes and YouTheme, I generally steered clear of ThemeForest. This worked well up to a point although I did have a tendency to switch allegiance from one to the other more out of frustration of one kind of another than any particular preference.

Support is a Big Issue!

You might gather that I was never entirely satisfied and you’d be correct, it might have been the time taken to complete the project or the inability achieve what I and the client was hoping for from a particular theme. Some had interfaces that were way to complex and bloated while others lacked the resources to achieve the goal. Often the support was the biggest issue, my experiences ranged from slow or no responses to downright rude and curt replies. At this point that the question of Why Use a Page Builder hadn’t appeared on my radar, page builders weren’t part of the landscape or were in their infancy and therefore still a work in progress.

Why Use a WordPress Page Builder and Anyway What’s the Difference?

Where does a page builder come into this, surely a WordPress theme and a page builder are two different things? Indeed they are, however such has been the advances in page builders in recent years that the lines have merged to the point that you can now create and save page templates with a good page builder plugin that can dictate to a large extent your page layouts. The theme is still a vital cog in the machine so make sure you have a well coded baby to play with your preferred page builder plugin!

I’ve tinkered with a few of different page builder plugins in the last couple of years, they continue to evolve and improve to the extent that I’m excited to see where they go! The amount of flexibility and the creative scope really has added a new dimension to WordPress, a lot of the page builders have some way to go in my mind to be thought of as a core part of any website build and you need to test and try to find out if they’re right for you. In the meantime here are three that I’ve used, the out and out winner for me is Beaver Builder hence the link below is an affiliate link.