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The Basics and Using The Page Builder
Understand the basic principles then start to build your website.
Module 1 Pre-Course Set Up
This course is for people who have had the benefit of the WP Quicklaunch Setup service. Before starting the course register your own domain name and Siteground hosting account. All of the important WordPress Settings, Theme and Plugins will be done for you so you can get on with building your website. Web Hosting
Unit 1 The Basics - Domain - Hosting - WordPress Installation
Module 2 Using Page Templates and Editing Content
This lesson demonstrates how you can quickly edit an existing Page Template, use a page template to set up a new page and how to edit content using Content Modules within a Page Template.
Unit 1 Starting The Page Builder to Edit Your Website
Unit 2 Editing Page Content
Module 3 The Theme Customiser
The Theme Customiser and Page Builder are two separate items, any settings you make in the Theme Customiser will apply throughout your website to set important aspects of branding and layout such as logo, font styles and font colours.
Unit 1 Using the Theme Customiser
Unit 2 Footer Widget Area Settings
Module 4 Create Professional Looking Pages Using Page Builder Modules
Page Builder Modules allow you to easily add and edit various content types by simply dragging, dropping and clicking!
Unit 1 Using the Text Editor Module
Unit 2 Text Headings
Unit 3 Add Buttons to Content
Unit 4 Add Images to Your Pages Using The Photo Module
Unit 5 Working With Rows and Columns
Unit 6 Creating Hyperlinks in the Text Editor
Unit 7 Create a Page Builder Blog Page
Unit 8 Create a new Post in WordPress and add to the Page Builder Posts Module
Unit 9 Add Social Buttons
Unit 10 Using the Maps Module
Unit 11 Adding a Contact Form
Unit 12 Using the Call to Action Module
Unit 13 Using Page Builder Callout Module
Module 5 WordPress Basics
In this section we introduce how to make the most of basic WordPress features.
Unit 1 Create a New Navigation Menu
Unit 2 Post Categories
Unit 3 Adding Media to Pages and Posts
Module 6 Navigation Menus
These lessons will show you how you can easily use the drag and drop WordPress Navigation Menu options to create and manage menu items.
Unit 1 Add a Page to a Navigation Menu
Unit 2 Moving and Renaming Menu Items
Unit 3 Add Custom Menu Links
Module 7 Do More With Your Website Using WordPress Plugins
You can add amazing functionality to your website using WordPress Plugins. Learn more in these lessons.
Unit 1 Adding an Under Construction page to Your WordPress Website
Unit 2 Setting up Google Analytics on Your WordPress Website
Module 8 The Power of Search Engine Optimisation
Using the tools available you can achieve fantastic results by applying the basic principles of SEO.
Unit 1 Attract Website Visitors Using Yoast SEO
Unit 2 More About Successful SEO
Unit 3 Custom Social Media Settings for SEO
Unit 4 Social Profile Settings for SEO
Module 9 WordPress Security
Make sure you're fully aware of the security threats to your website and how to guard against them.
Unit 1 Wordfence Security
Module 10 Google Analytics
Every website owner should use and understand the basic power of Google Analytics. Here we show you how to set up and use visitor statistics on your website.
Unit 1 Adding Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website